Compressed Air Delivery Systems

We believe RAPIDAIR Systems supplies the best compressed air piping systems available.
RAPIDAIR™ products are great for the home garage/Workshop, Professional and Industrial applications.
In today's market of compressed air systems, RapidAir™ offers the most options & highest quality products.
We have a system to suit most every need.

Our staff have excellent product knowledge and will always offer practical advice before profit...
We believe this makes RAPIDAIR™ Systems the idea option.
Please, stay a while and scroll through the site. checkout our range of Master Kits, components and Accessories.


Easy to Install The RapidAir Systems Master Kit includes highest quality Fittings, air distribution manifolds, air outlets, and premium quality flexible pipe.
The system is engineered to maintain 150 psi.
Perfect for the hobbyist or small workshop


Maxline's multi layer construction can be easily bent to shape difficult corners and obsticals, once bent MaxLine will hold it's shape giving a professional apperance with no tubing sag.
30Mtr(100Ft) & 90Mtr(300Ft) coils of pipe allow for faster installation with fewer joint. It's smooth interior wall will never buildup scale, rust or scum making it an always efficient system.

RapidAir Compressed Air Systems are Superior to Traditional Methods

RapidAir™ Compressed Air Systems are Superior to Traditional Methods
Safer than PVC: PVC is not rated for compressed air.
PVC becomes brittle over time and is not safe. It can explode, sending shrapnel everywhere. Using PVC for compressed air is a safety liability you don’t want to gamble on. RapidAir™ products deliver safe compressed air.

Cleaner than Galvanized Pipe: Gal pipe creates rust, silt, and sediment, which can ruin your equipment. Protect your investment with our plastic tubing or aluminum pipes that always deliver clean air.
Easier than Copper: Copper pipes require soldering. Our piping only uses compression fittings. No expensive special tools or glue needed.

Can be Modified: Gal pipe or copper pipes are time-consuming to install. And once they’ve been installed, modifying the system is very difficult. With RapidAir™ piping, you can change your compressed air distribution system ANYTIME, even after installation.

Faster Installation: With RapidAir™ products, you’ll save 30-50% on installation time and labor costs versus traditional products, like copper or gal pipe. You can run 300 feet of piping by yourself in an afternoon—and it’s easy!

Installation Overview

Rapidair™ Systems offer a range of kits and accessories to ensure you get your compressed air where you want.
Installation often only takes a morning or afternoon, bigger jobs may take a little longer.


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